Fight Back Against Garnished Wages or Debt Collection

Consult a lawyer for debt defense in the Delray Beach, FL area

Are you in risk of going into deep debt over the outcome of a lawsuit? You may have further legal debt resolution options. Bonnie Canty of ABC Law PLLC, can assist you with declaring debt defense in the Delray Beach, FL area.

Don't let a single legal battle leave you in a deep hole. Attorney Canty knows all the ins and outs of Florida debt defense laws, giving you a fighting chance to avoid having to pay the full sum of money you owe.

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Know your options under Florida law

If the outcome of a lawsuit is forcing you to pay far more than you're able to, your wages could be garnished until the payment is made. If you're facing garnishment, you have several different options. Your attorney can:

  • Check for any procedural mistakes
  • File a claim of exemption if you meet certain criteria
  • Seek a debt resolution with the opposing parties or creditors

Your W-2 forms, tax returns and bank statements can all be valuable documents used to claim your exemption. To learn more about your options, schedule a consultation with our law firm today.