Assert Your Parental Rights

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Under Florida law, establishing paternity is vital to give you complete legal rights for custody, visitation, child support and other important rulings. Without documented evidence of parentage, an unwed father may have no legal ties or obligations to the child. If you're facing family troubles or impending divorce, contact Bonnie Canty at ABC Law PLLC in Delray Beach, FL.

Even if your relationship is currently strong and healthy, this could be the perfect time to ensure you have documented paternity. A proactive approach now will save you a lot of time and stress in the future.

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How will paternity affect child support rulings?

Are you facing financial troubles or medical bills for a child? Without clear paternity, a court has no ability to force the other parent to pay their fair share of child support. If the child wasn't born into a married family, Florida requires a paternity test for fathers to gain legal rights and responsibilities.

Whether you're a father wanting to earn parental rights with your child, or a mother who needs to prove an unwed father's paternity, ABC Law PLLC can help. Attorney Canty well-versed in child support law. She'll walk you through the entire process to prove paternity in a child support law case.