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The paternity law is based on the organization of law emphasizing the legal relationship between a father and his adopted or biological children. The law deals with both the rights and obligations of both the children and the father towards each other and others. A child’s right is relevant in terms of legitimacy, inheritance, and right to the father’s surname or title. This also includes the father’s right to claim the child’s custody in case of a divorce and the obligation of child support after separation.

As common law, a child born to a married woman is considered to be the child of the husband. However, if the father is not married to the child’s mother, as per the laws of the jurisdiction they can take several legal measures to claim the child. Or, the mother or legal authorities can take measures to determine the paternity, or the court can determine the paternity over time.

In such a case, having a skilled lawyer is important to defend you in such a situation- either to take custody of the child or a paternity test. I help to resolve paternity disputes and legitimacy.

I understand how sensitive the situation is, especially with the involvement of a child. Hence, I proceed with plans and strategies that do not affect the child. I represent estranged parents to come to a mutual conclusion and settle any issues outside the court. I care about my clients and am committed to helping them through challenging situations. I provide affordable and skilled solutions to my clients in such trying situations.

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